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Kolahoi Green Hotel & Resorts

The Kolahoi Green Hotel & Resorts is the newest hotel brand in Kashmir with 70 rooms and suites under management and another 80 rooms expected between 2016-17.The brand has a property running at Pahalgam-Kolahoi Green Resorts and Gulmarg-Kolahoi Green Heights with another property coming up at Srinagar set to be launched in 2017-18.

The highest mountain in the Vale of Kashmir, Kolahoi is locally named the ‘Gashe-braer’ meaning the goddess of light for its sheer beauty and dwarfing all other surrounding peaks. It is an epitome of majesty and aptly represents us, The Kolahoi Green Hotel & Resorts. Kolahoi Green is a collection of upscale hotels and resorts. We are a full-service experience with premium accommodation and services.


Kolahoi Green , Srinagar | Hotel Green Heights, Gulmarg | Kolahoi Green Resorts, Pahalgam


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